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General Questions:

Do any other magnet companies manufacture magnets with the concentric circle design?
By law, no other companies can manufacture or sell magnets with concentric circle design. BIOflex® is the registered trademark of the magnetic device that is so unique it has been protected by international patents. Three of the strongest patents, European, U.S. and Japanese, have been granted to protect this design.

Have their been any studies done on BIOflex® magnets and their effectiveness and safety?
There have been several studies done using BIOflex® magnets, the most recent being at Baylor College of Medicine. The results of this study were very favorable and the study was published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in November 1997. If you'd like to read the studies, click here.

  Will my insurance cover magnetic therapy products?  
Some do, especially if ordered by a physician. Check with your own company for their policy.

  What if the magnets don't work for me?  

Contact us and we can talk to you about how you are using the magnets and for what area of the body. We can help to recommend a product that may work better for your specific condition. If you are not satisfied after that, BIOflex® stands behind their products with a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Note: 10% restocking fee will apply.

If BIOflex® magnets were used in the Baylor study, why does the study indicate that the magnets were supplied by Magnaflex?

Magnaflex, Inc., located in Corpus Christi, Texas was an authorized distributor of BIOflex® magnetic products. Magnaflex was responsible for coordinating the study and supplying Baylor with BIOflex® magnets.


Frequently Asked Questions - Usage


  I have cancer. Will the magnets make my condition worse?
Some members of the medical community will say that using the wrong magnet causes acceleration of cancerous and microbial growths. This is simply not true and is not even suggested by the medical literature. However, it is important enough to digress for a brief explanation of the facts.

The field generated by an electric source, specifically one from alternating power, produces a field composed of a magnetic field, as well as a separate electric field. A permanent magnet produces no such electric field. An alternating electric field (AC) is also different from a field produced by direct current (DC) power. It is the nature of this alternating electric field that has caused so much concern because of research that has demonstrated the negative effects of electric fields, especially on the cellular level. It is well described that alternating, or pulsating, electric fields are capable of disrupting the cell wall, interfering with the DNA replication process as well as influencing other negative effects. The magnetic component, however, has never been shown to have any negative effects.

A 1987 study commissioned by the World Health Organization confirmed that in over forty years of research, the magnetic fields produced by permanent magnets have never been implicated in any mutagenic process. However, we do recommend that you consult your physician prior to using the magnets with this or any other medical condition.

  I am pregnant. Will the magnets affect my baby?
The induction of an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is usually about two to three Tesla, about twenty to thirty thousand Gauss. Use of MRI during pregnancy is considered safe for the developing fetus. This demonstrates the level of confidence with which one can use BIOflex® products which range from 300 to 800 Gauss. However, we do advise against using the magnets during the first trimester of pregnancy.

  I have a pacemaker. Can I use the magnets?
Since the magnetic fields can interfere with the switching mechanism in a pacemaker, use of any magnetic products near this device is not recommended.

My husband/wife/partner has a pacemaker. If I use the magnets, will it affect him/her?
As long as the magnets do not come in direct contact with the area that the pacemaker is in, it is safe to use the magnets with caution. However, use of mattress overlays and/or car seats is not recommended.

  I use a nicotine/estrogen patch. Can I use the magnets?
Since the use of magnetic products will increase the flow of blood in the area that they are placed, it is not recommended that you place the magnet on or near a transdermal drug delivery device (patch). However, magnets can be worn as long as they are not located near the patch. Click here for a full explanation.

  I have metal instruments in my body from surgery. Can I use the magnets?
Although it is safe to use the magnets with this condition, magnets will react differently with different alloys. If you experience any discomfort from using the magnets, it is recommended that you discontinue use.

  Are magnets safe for children?
Permanent magnets are safe according to all respected scientific standards. The World Health Organization and the FDA consider them non-hazardous risks and they are generally recognized as safe.

  The gold foil is coming off of my magnet. Will it still be effective?
The gold foil on your individual magnet is for decorative purposes only and has been reported by some to peel off after prolonged and intensive use. This will have no effect on your magnet.

  If I cut my magnet in half, will it still be effective?
Cutting the magnets in half will disrupt the concentric circle pattern, thus decreasing the effectiveness of the magnet. Therefore, cutting the magnet in half or in sections is not recommended.

  Can I use the magnets around my computer and other electronic equipment?
The magnets can be used around the computer and other electronic office equipment with care. Do not place magnets directly on computer. Do not let magnets come in contact with credit cards or other cards that utilize a magnetic strip for scanning, video tapes, or computer diskettes, etc.



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