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Neck Collar
Alleviate pain, while improving circulation and accelerating healing.

BIOflex® Medical Magnetics offers the new Neck Collar. This magnetic collar measures 30" x 3.5". It contains 7 BIOflex® concentric circle magnets evenly spaced throughout the length of the collar. There are two convenient straps to connect the collar to your bra straps, or undershirt to prevent slippage. The Neck Collar is perfect for neck and shoulder pain, while improving circulation and accelerating healing.

Size: 30" x 3.5"
Magnetic Fields: 7
Gauss: 500+ per magne




Try our anti aging magnetic face mask for reducing wrinkles.







Flex Pad: Lower Back

The Flex Pad is perfect for lower back pain and, if tucked into the waistband of the pants can be worn comfortably all day to alleviate pain and discomfort in the lower lumbar region.


Universal Kit

Multi-purpose Universal Kit is made with neoprene and CoolMax®. This amazing new product allows you to experience the benefit of most of our products all in one!


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